Thursday, 28 February 2013

KU PG CET 2013

Kakatiya University was established on 19th August, 1976 to fulfil the aspirations of the Telangana people for higher education. The founding of the University was in fact a historic event in the sense that heralded a new era in the realms of higher education of this region. The erstwhile Post-Graduate Centre of Osmania University was upgraded and named Kakatiya University.
India that is Bharat is like a Banyan tree stretching over the entire sub-continent of South-Asia with well-developed supporting stems in and around, to trace the original one in respect of its culture and heritage.

In this part of our motherland, Warangal is the 5th biggest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is next to Hyderabad in the region of Telengana. Located at a distance of 135 kms from the state capital of Andhra Pradesh it has so far creditably passed through from pre-historic times to the present days. It is a historical city that was earlier known as 'Orugallu' or 'Ekashila Nagaram'. This region has provided a strong base foundation of Satavahana and Chalukya emperors and was ruled by Kakatiya kings during 1001-1323 AD. During this period the region was acknowledged as center for cultural development, learning, Art and Architecture made a significant progress. The real beauties of temples located in this area discover the age of old capital of Kakatiya Kingdom. The rich culture and heritage is still maintained till today.

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